Will’s Last Terrestament

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  1. Lowlands 04:48
  2. Samsara 05:14
  3. Truth – Box of Rain – The End of Words 18:39
  4. She Lives in a Time of Her Own – Mining for Starlight – Love Chant – Music is Love 23:30

In Memory of Will Greenwood (1959 – 2014)

In August 2013 on a stage in Devon at Kozfest there was a re-convergence of four old brothers of sound: Tim Hawthorn, Will Greenwood and myself had not played together for 10 years, and we were joined by our old pal from Invisible Opera Company of Tibet times, Nick Harrison on drums, who Tim and I had not seen for even longer, and who Will had never played with at all!

An hour of unrehearsed spontaneous psionic surfing ensued, with another the following weekend at the Green Gathering. We were so happy to be playing together again doing our psychedelic thang, and that seemed to be communicated to our audiences in a pleasing way. We agreed to do it a lot more often from then on!

Four months later we assembled again (without Nick) in the living room at St. Dunstan’s House, next door to Glastonbury Abbey ruins, for an intimate Midwinter’s evening of Solstice carols and Tim’s songs, at the behest of our marvelous host, Sam Welbourne who, naturally, recorded the performance.

We had no idea it was to be Will’s last. He died 10 weeks later on 10th February 2014.

Playing with Will was always special and exciting for me: his mastery of the guitar and boundless musical versatility and invention, played with a crackling intensity yet such apparent ease, sparked me in a rare way and something exciting always happened. A precious and thrilling thing!

Then, when you add Tim’s amazing songs and our harmony blend…
and decorate with the beauty of vocals from Laura Iseley, and violin and flute from Harmony Davies…

Magick Can Occur.

Thanks to Sam’s vision, generosity and care we reckon we’ve bottled some, and with it Will Greenwood’s last display of sonic wizardry.

Blessed Be!

Will’s last text message to me, a few days before he died, was upbeat and ended thus:

“Let’s get together and play soon mate. Music Is Love and I wanna play! Want to sound like a good band, which I think we are xx”

Music Iz Love!

Jim Iz
Glastonbury, 11th Feb 2015

released February 11, 2015

Will Greenwood – Lead guitar
Jim Peters – Keys, D whistle and vocals
Harmony Davies – Violin and flute
Laura Iseley – Vocals
Tim Hawthorn – Guitar and vocals

Produced by Sam Welbourne, Jim Peters and Tim Hawthorn