Spring releases (boing!)

Continuing the story of getting this backlog of recordings released:

We’ve just released Mandala Mother an archive recording of me and Jim Iz around one microphone at Dave Goodman’s in 1997. The first few copies will come with unique hand-made covers. Please give me a few more days to get the ordering system in place. It’s been rather hectic of late.

Close on its heels we intend to release Crazy Horseshoe Resurrection a recent band jam session; and Live at St Dunstan’s a live record of our semi-acoustic set and the last gig Will played with us.

In the longer pipeline is the long awaited Invisible Opera album Open for Isness; a live Silver on the Tree album and we’re also intending to remaster and digitise Eye of the Aeon / Mystic Spiral at some point.

Then there’s my solo album, working title The End of Words which I hope to be able to release during my own lifetime.

They will all be made available via bandcamp and on CD when the time comes.