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Mandala Mother

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  1. Truth 05:39
  2. All Comin’ True 08:09
  3. Bad Self 05:09
  4. Simple Song 07:10
  5. Mining for Starlight 05:13
  6. Music Power Medicine 06:00
  7. Empty Space 03:20
  8. Uma Parvati 04:47
  9. Divine Mother 05:46

The morning after a crazy party on Gypsy Hill in honour of Matt Spacegoat’s birthday 1997, Dave Goodman locked us in the studio with only a stereo microphone for comfort. This is what happened.

So, friends and dear ones, here’s a thing … In the aftermath of a rather colourful party at Mandala Central Gypsy Hill in October ’97 in honour of Matt Spacegoat, ‘Dalaman’ Dave Goodman (always remembered with deep Love) ushered Tim and I down into the hallowed basement, assembled us around a microphone and said, “just do those songs you were both singin’ last night,” as he pressed the Red Button and walked back upstairs … That was 17 years ago … the resultant recording has been heard by maybe half a dozen people since (therein lies another tale, or two). On the few occasions I’ve rediscovered it over the years, I have always been struck by the energy and joy in the performances … we were flying and you could tell! The summer of 1997 was intensely potent, creative and magical for us, and this musical snapshot always seemed to me to be a distillation of that halcyon time. Dave captured and bottled the essence of the particular phenomenon that is the musical blend of Tim and myself, bless ‘im x Then I was in my 34th year, and now 17 years on I am in my 51st. (you do the …) This is the next octave of the story. Music is powerful medicine (I wrote that somewhere), and we’ve not really released our musical spells out into the world in all these years, but the time is NOW! We have survived, and this is a time of rekindling connections. There’s more than a whiff of that same magic in the air and we have ignition! We’re playing together again, and recently have been doing our thing out on the street for the first time and ‘coincidentally’ being filmed in full flow …

The full electric psychedelic boogie band experience is also back up and very much happening, with the addition of old friends and new, taking off in a field near you this summer … channels open, power’s on! Psst! here’s another thing … we’d rather be playing on the street because we want to,  not because we have to. So, if you dig the music, or if you might get a warm glow from helping us to keep doing what we seem to be on this planet to do … or even both … for a fiver (or more if you feel so inspired), you can download the whole 9 song session which we’ve named Mandala Mother here: Alternatively, if you still have a yen for those old-fangled CD objects, you can order Limited Edition CDs, each  with Unique Hand-made Covers (may include sparkles) … message us.  Music is Love, and we’re prepared to put our music where your ears is! There’s so much more to unleash … we really appreciate every drop of encouragement! Thank you for helping us get this thing in the air …

Cover art: Jo Thilwind.

released 14 May 2014

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