JUST a little announcement

The World Is Waiting (for you)
I am very pleased to announce that the Anarchetypes new album “Just” will be released on the 23rd July 2021. This album is a bit of a wedding present of awkward songs around the theme of post-truth uncertainty. Originally conceived as a collection of solo demos, drummer Dan Poole suggested overdubbing parts via the internet during the 2020 lockdown. This is the first album I’ve produced myself from concept to cover and I wanted to bring together all the facets of my musical personality into one recording, so this goes from semi-acoustic to space punk with bits of orchestral arrangements; every song is different. The album explores the relationships between key and tempo over a series of cinematic episodes; a feature-length musical narrative runs through it that sews it all together with gossamer threads of twisted steal.

It involves the musical talents of :
Richard Mason – guitars, vox
Laura Tupker – tuned percussion, vox
Andy Roid – synths
Dan Poole – drum kit, horns
Tim Hawthorn – bass, vox, guitar, gliss, midi arrangements
Graham Clark – violin
Richard Armstrong-Sealand – theremin, vox

It will be available for download via bandcamp and on CD.
To order a CD please send £12.50 to paypalme/timhawthorn and don’t forget to include a mailing address!