Archetypes live dates

kozfest2016_archetypes15At summer solstice I reformed The Archetypes with Rich Mason (gtr/vox) and Laura Tupker (vox/perc) from Tantric Panic. I’ve been having fun playing bass with them over the last year, so I pitched the idea of doing some amped-up psychedelic rock, which they responded to enthusiastically. Sadly communications with Jim Peters broke down earlier in the year. I’m going to cite personal and musical differences here, you know the story. So I invited synth wizard Andy Bull, who has previously worked with Nukli and Will Greenwood amongst others, to come and add his cosmic harmonics to the mix. A week before the gig we still had no drummer, but Greg Willow came to our rescue with a huge barrel of enthusiasm and sat in on the first gig. It went down so well that Dave Hatfield has asked us to cover the solstices and equinoxes at the King Arthur for the foreseeable future – We’ve confirmed Dec 21st and March 20th 2017 so far.

kozfest2016_archetypes27The fact that we all live fairly close to one another has meant that this line-up has been able to practice regularly. This definitely reflects in performances and as a result I’m much happier with what I’m hearing than ever before. The combined energy of the band, particularly between me, Rich and Greg, is pure rock’n’roll; I’m loving it! Since Lemmy’s passing I’ve turned up the gain and started using a pick on some numbers; I’m finding this rather liberating too.

kozfest2016_archetypes21Our Kozfest performance got recorded this summer by Pete Wibrew (Gentleman and scholar), so some of that will get released in some form fairly soon. Is that vague enough for you? I seriously can’t wait for you to hear it … because the songs are actually sounding like they do in my head at last. Greg, Andy, Rich and Laura are a phenomenal team to work with. I’m loving the way everyone makes a uniquely strong contribution to the sound and I’m impatient to do more.

Sadly there isn’t much on the horizon for the band before solstice. This is in part due to Rich being in chronic back pain for the last few months, which makes touring unthinkable right now. Hopefully in the new year. Meanwhile we shall be working on some new material for the solstice gig and some old stuff that you won’t have heard like this before! Mwahaha! And I’ll work on getting this Kofest recording in front of your lugholes. From here on in it’s a scorched mirth campaign, leaving no left turn unstoned. Love this planet or get lost …

Big Love